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Essential Digital Marketing Trends for Organizations

Digital marketing takes your business, brand and/or product to the new heights of success. Formulating an effective online strategy is a hard nut to crack since the online market has become very competitive over the years. It has now become challenging for business owners if and when they decide to promote and expand their business in the digital world. In order to achieve this, you need to attract the right audience to your business website. To increase growth and revenue is a top priority in online marketing. For this, use modern tools that include social media platforms, websites, forums, etc. to conduct a precise and efficient promotion. Internet has changed the world of marketing, for instance, popular platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram have changed the variables greatly. Due to evolution of technology, more companies are now investing into indulge in unchartered digital seas.

Here are a few of the most popular digital marketing trends of the time:

  1. Live Video Broadcasting
    Access to internet has connected everyone on this planet. It has opened the door of socializing with other people in different corners of the world. A company or organization can also generate traffic to their website by using videos which are popular these days and grab the attention of the audience more effectively. These can be about your services, offers, deals, promotions, etc. to connect with your customers on a more personal level. For small, local and corporate businesses, Mind Blocks is a professional company that handles digital marketing Boston with competency. We understand the need of the hour and keep evolving as the digital trends change, be it in Boston or Cape Cod, MA.
  2. Uniquely Attractive Content
    If you are willing to attract your targeted audience towards your product or service, then you will have to consider uniqueness in all forms of content you provide and share. In the last few years, the trend of the digital world has changed from textual content to visual content. Bite-sized content has become an audience favorite as it allows them to consume little and often. In effective strategies, you want to engage your audience not just once but repeatedly over time. Hence, you should offer the content in simple and small doses to keep your audience coming back for more. Ensure that whatever you post and share is unique and quenches the thirst of your niche clientele.
  3. Mobile-Friendly and Compatibility
    According to stats, there are a total of 7.72 billion active mobile devices around the world right now. With this figure in mind, you can easily recognize the importance of making your online strategy compatible with mobile devices of all makes and sizes. Recently, internet users have shifted their online time from desktops and laptops to their smartphones. To achieve impressive results for your business website, ensure that you create a mobile-friendly website which is adaptive and responsive on any OS and any OEM device. This will help you to engage your clientele on-the-go.
  4. Increase in Online Selling and Buying
    Due to smartphones being the go-to device for most internet users, it becomes imperative that you shift your business procedures online too. Whether you’re selling or buying, you should implement ecommerce strategies into your company website and app. Provide your audience with the means to buy your product or service from within their smartphone. An increased number of smartphone users means that in the future, you may have to revisit your marketing budget between the physical store and the online store. If you make your business mobile-friendly, you will surely see a boost in your online traffic as well as sales revenue.
  5. Engaging Social Strategy
    For any business, just the official website and mobile app will not sufficient to engage more people online. In the social world of today, you will be required to be present and available on most major social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, etc. These platforms will provide you with the opportunity of engaging one-on-one with your customers, answer their queries and solve them instantly. The increase in social media active users, you are more likely to be contacted on these platforms instead of being called on your customer helpline or sent an email. To fulfil the requirement of being there for your customers, you should be available, if not active, on major platforms. Through organic and paid promotions, you can market your products and services to an even wider audience.

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