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Content Creation & Marketing Services

The words for your local and small business website speak louder than anything else! We make this sound worth listening. Mindblocks content developer team provide unique yet quirky content creation and marketing strategies to make your website content look none like anyone else.

What is Content Marketing?

When we talk about this particular marketing strategy, the major aspect that it revolves around is constructive, relevant and valuable content. Online content marketing is the trending aspect in the world of online business and if you are not using it as a marketing tool for your business, you are definitely missing out on the greatest. Content marketing has the main aim of attracting potential customers from the kind of content that it distributes, in order to generate profitable results for the business itself. This technique makes use of Podcasts, Videos, Apps and E-books but most importantly, webpages are used.

Why You Need Content Marketing Services?

With ‘valuable and relevant’ content being tailored according to the needs, interests and expectations of your customers, it saves them from being bombarded by too much promotion and the image of your brand is thus conveyed decently. Content creations when made a part of your online platform allow active feedback which allows you to engage with your customers and understand their needs better. Therefore, if you are not one of those who are incorporating content marketing services into your business, you would be left behind. Content is the key to your online businesses and almost all of your competitors are making the most out of it.

Content Creations & Content Marketing Services
We Offer for your local and Small Business

Doing your own content marketing is the most stress-free thing that you can do, but if you are a part of a jam-packed schedule or are not really sure if you can do it in-house, Mind Blocks is here to help you with content marketing for your local business. We have a team of professional bloggers and content writers for content marketing for small business.

Content Marketing Creative Process

When creating a piece of content, our journalists and content writers come up with topics and choice of words that are best tailored to the needs of your targeted customers. We make sure that they are converted into potential customers.


Content Marketing Audit

A content audit, no different than any other audit, is necessary for the smooth and healthy functioning of your business webpage. It simply involves checking for any glitches that might hamper your marketing process and where you need to improve.

Content Marketing Strategy

Our skillful team of content marketers at Mind Blocks develop and devise ways to keep your viewers engaged and turn them into valuable customers, all as a part of the marketing strategy being the crucial element of your business online.


Content Planning

Content planning is although a part of the content marketing strategy, yet performs a slightly distinct operation. It involves what kind of audience it is that you are catering to and what kind of content you need to come up with.

Content Creations

Once you are done planning what kind of content needs to be incorporated into your marketing, there comes the entire creation process whereby selective choice of words and everything else needs to be put into place in your content piece.


Content Marketing Implementations

So now that you have arranged your content, the next step that comes in is effective implementation. The way you implement revolves around the distribution of the content that you have prepared to target audience and defines the success of your business.

Custom Blogging

The kind of content that your blog contains as well as the appearance of it, everything can be tailored according to the persona and uniqueness of your business. Using customized logos and domains really adds up to the exclusivity.



Nearly every company on the globe is making use of effective content in their articles as a method of marketing and grabbing customer attention. Articles on your webpage therefore are another most significant element of your content marketing, they are the focal point.

Website Content

There is nothing so complex about this one, web content is the text along with the visual stuff that is made a part of the web pages. If it’s pretty edgy content, it is definitely going to attract more customers.


SEO Content

Search engine optimized content is a really trending topic these days and this is because almost every business is making use of it. What can be better than your webpage having a good ranking in search engine directories? More reachable to customers.

Social Media Content Marketing

Integrating social media in any way into your marketing strategy is never a bad idea. We at Mind Blocks emphasize on the need for businesses to add valuable content to their social media profiles as well, you never know where you find customers.


Video Content

Animation and graphics are always able to grab more attention from online users than plain text. When you add video content to your content, it creates a good footing for your business promotions. It is one of the things you can go versatile with.

Info Graphics

The reason why infographics are able to receive slightly more importance from customers than textual content is because they deliver information, emotions and are able to entertain, all at the same time. This is why infographics appeal so much to customers.


Testimonials & Review Content

Testimonials from potential valuable customers as well as product and services reviews are all a part of the trust building process between your business and new customers. What could be better than other people commending you in text on your webpage?


Email newsletters, also known as E-Newsletters, are another one of the powerful tools content marketing can use. These newsletters can be sent in order to create awareness about deals, promote your business or even just spread the news about your company.


Press Releases

For effective content marketing, press releases serve as the perfect cherry on top. They involve third party groups, such as journalists or other influencing people, mentioning your business in their articles. Promotion of your content through this earns you much credibility.

and many more additional features...

Mind Blocks Content Creation & Marketing Skills for Small and Local Business

Our Web Expert team Approach for Web Design & Development. At Mind Blocks, we follow a five step professional approach for web design.



Building involves content strategy development by our professionals. In order for your business to stand out, we help you with competitive content analysis. Not only that, we also help improve your webpage performance with effective content inventory and audits.



Stage is the next stage that has focus on creating remarkable content. Our content production is done keeping in mind customer interests. Content creation is done by professional writers at Mind Blocks.



Quality based consistent content is something that Mind Blocks never compromises on. We always deliver quality content that best cater to your business needs.



Management of content updates and maintenance of the webpage content is an essential part of your business. Dealing with content inventories and auditing in order to improve the quality of your content is one of our major concerns. That's why we have an efficient content management system.



Involves the proficient use of content social media promotion in order to gain followers and turn them into dedicated customers. With smart content outreach campaigns on social media and other means, your business is bound to gain attention and increase sales.

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