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Online Business Listings Services

Do you have your name in the correct business directories? Or does your customers know where to look for your local and small business? If not, Mind Blocks is at your rescue with the perfect online business listings services to hit the right tracks of the top local business listings for you!

What are Online Business Listings All About?

Something that can really add to the presence of your business is being a part of an online business directory and create your very own online business listing. What this listing basically contains is a web profile that contains all the different kind of informational tags regarding how your business can be easily reached. Therefore, decent local business listings usually contain details like contact numbers and addresses (more preferably street addresses than P.O box addresses) linked to your business, along with the official name it carries. They may also mention the kind of service that you are providing along with any media partnerships that you have. Through a business listing, your presence on the internet becomes more visible to users online and therefore they know where to exactly reach you when they are browsing through yellow page websites such as Yahoo! Local and Bing Places.

Online Business Listings Helping you Promote your Business Where Needed

So why do traders online make use of listings on such a great scale?
One of the main things this does is it helps your business show up on local search engines. This increases your overall chances of being located by potential customers, consequently giving you a higher chance of increasing your sales. Another thing is that a lot of times, business directories share their listings. Therefore, when your business listing submission is seen in more than just a single directory, you are able to form a relationship of trust with your buyers. Not only this, the indexes are also able to evaluate that the information you are providing is accurate. This automatically again takes you levels up in the search engine ranking. So how can you add a listing for your local business online? Keep on reading to find out.

Mind Blocks Online Business Listing Services for Small & Local Businesses

Traditionally, business listings were recorded manually in hard-file directories with access being very limited or very hard in order to check them. With an advancement in technology and everything being shifted to a digitalized form, these business listing directories are now found all over the internet and are within reach to a larger population. A well-known local listing site was the ‘phone book’. Ever since, the importance of these local listing submissions has been bought into consideration, it has now become a very essential component of every business, whether digital or being carried out outside the virtual world. Both the worlds need to convert visitors to potential buyers from time to time. At Mind Blocks, we offer a very reliable online business listings services which is in the hand of a team of professional workers that know what they are doing.

Online Business Listing Profiles

There are a number of websites, like LinkedIn, Yelp and Yellow Book, that offer profile building for your business listings. These contain pretty simple tools that help you put up your details for customers to find and reach out to you.


Setup and Optimized Google Business Page

We certainly cannot deny that Google takes the cake wherever, whenever. It is ranked as one of the top notch and certainly the most reliable domain that offers free registration of businesses. You can also use Google Maps to show your location.

Most Effective Main Directories

Explore the directories that are available to you like Bing Places. Making sure your business is listed on all main directories such as Yahoo! is very crucial. We also suggest you consider directories such as Yelp as well as Yellow Pages.


High PR Local Directories

You need to keep a check on business directory listings that receive a good amount of attention and trust from the local people. Such directories open up new doors for you to maximize customer turn over and expand business.

Find Your Business Online

The very main purpose of you going for a listing for your business is to help new customers to find your business online more easily and make purchases. This needs to be your objective throughout and would guarantee sales.


Help Local Search Engines

As mentioned earlier, registering your business in an online local directory helps local search engines to find your business online. The higher you are ranked, the more likely are you going to be amongst the top picks for search results.

Creation of Custom Cover Photos, Profile Pictures, Logo

It has been tested many times that visuals grab more attention than text. Therefore, you can always come up with photos that are striking. Choose an attractive profile picture. Also, don’t forget the magic a unique business logo can do.

profile picture

Business Descriptions with Unique Content

None of your online visitors want to see the same thing over and over again. If your descriptions are no different in essence than those of your competitors, this would make your could-have-been-customers search for alternatives. So you need to be unique.

Local Business Listings Correction Services

Time to time, the details that your business listing provide would be checked and rechecked. There would and should be corrections made and extra stuff added in order to ensure that your listing is accurate and up to the mark.


Local Citation Services

Citations for your business listings play yet another intriguing role in terms of giving power to the trust you have from search engines and the ranking you have attained. Experts view these citations and rank the validation of your listing accordingly.

Brands, Business Categories and Promotional Information

There are categories that divide the business listings according to the areas that they cater to. Also, they can be categorized in terms of the size of business and locality. You need to take care of the promotional information you are providing.

business promotion
gallery photo

Photo Gllary Of The Business

Visuals are stronger than words, aren’t they? This is your key to provide some very remarkable photographs of your products and services as you can in order to attract your audience towards them. Incorporate some digital art in your listings.

Customer Reviews & Ratings Management

Customer feedback is as crucial as anything else when it comes to business listings. The way your audience rates you and level your business listing attains in search engines, all combine to create a major aspect that helps you improve.


Monitoring Progress and Reports

The way you convert valuable feedback into reports and use it to make changes in your listing is pretty much what defines the future of your business. You need to keep a thorough check on the sales graph of your company.

and many more additional features...

Mind Blocks Online Business Listings Skills for Small and Local Business

Our Web Expert team Approach for Web Design & Development. At Mind Blocks, we follow a five step professional approach for web design.


Optimized Listing

For targeted keywords in your listing helps your products attain the limelight in the online market.


Writing & Submit Everything

Writing & Submit everything that you consider relevant for business details.


Claiming your Business

On local listings in order to establish trust among customers and search engines.


New Customer Finds You

New customer finds you and uses the provided information to get to you.


Better Rankings & Listings

You are able to achieve better listings and consequently, better rankings on search engines.

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